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Anonymous asked: "Favorite thing about Liam."


[ok. so. let me preface this by saying that this one gave me a lot of trouble, and i wouldn’t have expected any of them to give me more trouble than louis but. i think partly because i just generally adore liam and partly because there’s been several different versions of liam since the x-fact so i was just like “how do you pinpoint just one thing about a guy who is always changing?” but anyhow. here we go. ]

for this one i’m actually going to grab a little help from louis (and immediately regret it i’m sure):


wait, louis, what was that last bit again? (i regret this already, but this isn’t about me so)


(i know that gif doesn’t move but it’s too late. i’ve committed to it. it stays)

thank you, louis.

liam has, as louis so sincerely puts it (twice!), a warmth about him. like, he’s got these two sides of him right? and i know one side of liam is intense as hell and super passionate, but then there’s the side of liam that is like sunshine. and i honestly don’t know a better word to used to describe it than warm. it just feels fitting and all-encompassing of my favorite parts of liam’s personality.

i think liam just generally radiates happiness and warmth. and look, i know that sometimes he’s not exactly in the fandom’s collective good graces. and sometimes he can be a bit of a bruce banner, burying the negativity that’s thrown his way until he reaches his breaking point and it kind of just explodes out of him. but i think liam generally acts with the best of intentions and for the most part he usually has a pretty cheerful and pleasant demeanor.

i think that if you really pay attention to liam, his general character is just very… warming. like you can’t help but look at his smile, or observe how he interacts with people (especially with the boys) and beams with fondness towards people or just generally looks after people, and not feel warmed by it. liam payne is basically sunshine personified.

speaking of his smile:



look at that. how could anyone not love that. it’s the kind of smile that could melt even the coldest of hearts. smile as bright as the sun tbh.

and when you take a look at liam’s attitude towards the fans, you see how extremely grateful he is to them (‘this is all down to you’ ‘i hope you know how grateful i am that you guys have done all of this for us’ etc etc); he just generally beams with gratitude and sincere adoration of the fans.  and he cares so much about his fans, he’s always checking in on them, always worried that he’s not doing enough (‘i take it to heart anytime i see a sad face or someone who doesn’t get a picture’). i just. it’s heart warming.

even drunk liam is just kind of giggly and bubbly and happy, and just kind of glows and radiates warmth. 

so anyways. yes, liam is warm (…warm) and that’s my favorite thing about him.

since this is apparently turning into a series (in case anyone wants to read):


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